Model: Evolet Anti-Scale Media
Anti-Scale Media
Evolet Anti-Scale Media

IntroductionCarbonate hardness:
Our drinking water comes from the groundwater. This groundwater is constantly being added onto by rain water. When the rain passes through the atmosphere, it enriches itself with carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbonic acid (H2CO3) is formed from the connection of H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). Carbonic acid is the solvent of calcium. After the rain sinks into the soil, the carbonic acid extracts the calcium from calcium rich stone. Through this process hydrogen carbonate [Ca(HCO3)2] is formed. This extraction process ends when the water is saturated with calcium. This means that the carbonic acid and the Calcium are in a carbonic acid – calcium equilibrium. Depending on the ground quality (amount of calcium and amount of carbonic acid) more or less calcium is extracted into the water.How does NSF Certified Evolet Anti-Scale Media work?
The most important factor in the development of bonds from ions is the surface. The surface which encourages the bonds growth. These bonds are also formed in normal water pipes. According to the “Brownian motion of molecules”a bond is created whenever a certain number of calcium and magnesium ions meet in a certain constellation. This creation of bonds is completely random. With the knowledge about these surfaces we set out to develop a surface which the calcium ions would accept as a template and form into crystals. Critical for the development of crystals is the enthalpy. This is the energy required to form a crystal or a new layer of crystals. A very important development in the Evolet Anti-Scale catalyst is that the nano-structure on the surface of the catalyst decreases the enthalpy needed enough to allow all ions to form into crystals, even in cold water. Altogether, Evolet Anti-Scale media can be described as an artificial template which allows for all calcium and magnesium ions to form into harmless crystals. When the crystals growing, they lose their grip on the templates and are rinsed away with the water flow. Now new crystals can form on the template.

Real life example of an artificial template
If you have a saturated salt solution in a glass, no crystals will form. However, if you put a wool thread into the water, crystals
will start to form on it. The wool thread functions as an artifi cial template, reducing the enthalpy and encouraging the dissolved salt to form a crystal. According to new investigation by Air Atom engineers we advise you to install extra polypropylene 5 micron cartridge system after each Evolet Anti-Scale system to create an additional template on a cartridge system. It will bring you 2-3 times more efficiency.

Descaling effect of the Evolet Anti-Scale media
The Evolet Anti-Scale media also has a descaling effect on scale already present in old pipes, hardware, etc. The water coming from the media is saturated with free CO2 .Carbonate hardness in already existing scale are removed by this CO2 saturated water and slowly floating in the water. This way existing scale is usually heavily reduced or removed within 1 to 2 months.

The NSF Certified Evolet Anti-Scale media works chemical, salt and maintenance free and has a lifetime of 2-3 years. The Evolet Anti-Scale media does not have to be backwashed.

Evolet Anti-Scale Media
Chemical formula and composition: Glass Coated Polymer
Mineralogical composition: Ceramic Template

Physical Properties

Bulk weight 750 kg/m3
Specific surface 270 m2/g
Colour light yellow balls
Mesh size 0.5-0.8 mm
Tolerance mesh size ≤ 0,3 mm 3,0%
Tolerance mesh size ≥ 1,2 mm 3,0%
Volume change in water Max. 60%
Moister Content 24-28%

Operation Condition and Exchange Capacity

Free board up flow 60-70%
Service flow rate 30-50 m/h
Design concept at 150 ppm 2.0-3.5 liters per 1000 l/h flow
Design concept at 300 ppm 3.5-6.0 liters per 1000 l/h flow
Operating temperature 5°-70° C
pH Range 6-9
Media Lifetime 2-3 years
Chemical free, no backwash, no valve, no electricity


• Scale prevention:

Evolet Anti-Scale media is applicable in a wide range of water treatment processes, from large-scale municipal systems to small-scale residential treatment units. Regardless of the system size, there are operational design parameters that must be considered to ensure effective, trouble free performance of the Evolet Anti-Scale media. Groundwater or surface water is simply pumped in up flow mode through a single or multiple Enpress pressure vessels with special up flow distribution head, containing the Evolet Anti-Scale media. We recommend you to use a gravel support layer for better water distribution. To improve efficiency it is proved to install 5-20 micron polypropylene cartridge system downstream after the system.

The multiple pressure vessel design is either assembled in Parallel Flow or Series flow. Flow to each vessel is measured and totalized to record the volume of water treated. Do not exceed the recommended flow velocity to avoid problems in operation. Each system is being designed with flow regulating valve downstream to keep the system under the pressure. For non-stop operation it is being used as a duplex system where each system is going to be activated one after the other in 20-30 minutes cycle.

• Food services:
Coffee, Tee, Cola and Juice drinks, Espresso Machines, Steamers, Dishwashing

• Commercial/Industrial:
Car washes, Laundries, Evaporative coolers, Hotels, Hospitals, Apartments

• Residential:
Laundry, Dishwashers, Water heaters and boilers, Drinking water


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