Model: H-F56F/H-F56D
Manual Control Valve
Manual Filter Control Valve

These manual control valves are suitable for installation in water softeners, carbon filters, Iron removal filters, Deionization systems and any media filtration applications where automation is not required. Such applications may include aquarium and aquaculture filtration, swimming pools, horticulture, hydroponics and waste water recycling applications.Product Features
These filtration systems have a small footprint and this type of valve is simple to operate, all filtration positions are clearly marked as well as the current service position of the valve. The simple design of the valve provides for rapid open and close action, long service life with a simple design to provide good sealing to allow for on-line operation at up to 100psi (8 Bar). These H-F56 valve series are made with corrosion resistant materials, and provide high flow rates, with efficient backwashing efficiency and minimum cycle times.H-F56F Top Mounted

Working Pressure ≦0.8MPa
Working Temperature +1 to +80℃
Max. Flow Rate 4,500 litres/hr
Tank Diameter Ø150~Ø300 (6″~12″)
Threads Base 2.5″~8″ NPSM
In/Out 1″ FBSP
Drain 1″ FBSP
Riser tube 1.05″ OD

H-F56D Side Mounted

Working Pressure ≦0.8MPa
Working Temperature +1 to +80℃
Max. Flow Rate 10,000 litres/hr
Tank Diameter Ø550~Ø600 (10″~24″)
Threads Base 2.5″~8″ NPSM
In/Out 2″ FBSP
Drain 2″ FBSP
Riser tube 1.5″D-GB
Top&Bottom 2″


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