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Bag Filter Housing


Underground Water, Tap Water, Silt, Mud Filtration, Restaurants, Kitchens, Waste Filtration, Swimming Pool Filtration, Fish Pound Water Filtration.
Top opening vessel cap is designed for easy to open by hand for changing filters.

  • Description

    Product Description


    • These equipments use high density filter bags. Silt and mud in the water can be removed completely in very short time.
    • Top opening caps were used so it doesn’t need any tools to open cap when filter bags need to change.
    • This equipment can be installed as a pre-filter before a water reservoir tank or after water reservoir tank to completely filter out the impurity in the water.


    • Filter Bag Filtration can be replaces as sand or micro-filters.
    • Filter Bags are simple and fast to be replaced, and the cost is lower than regular filter cartridges.
    • There are different kinds of filter bag materials for the different kind of fluid to be filtered.
    • Variety bore diameters of filter bags that can meet all type filtration requirements.

    BFL series Filter Bag Vessel
    Material: ANSI 304 / 316
    O-Ring: EPDM.VITON
    Max. Pressure: 7kg/cm2
    Surface Treatment: Electrolysis

    Model BFL-1 BFL-2 BFL-4 BFL-4
    Bag NO. 1 2 4 4
    Filtration Area 2.0ft2 4.4ft2 1.0ft2 1.0ft2
    In/Out 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″
    Flow Rate 90GPM 200GPM 45GPM 45GPM

    The filter bag filtration system can also be custom-made for larger flow rate up to 540M3/hr (12 bags in one single vessel)

    Filter Bag
    Material: PP.PE.NYLON
    NOMEX and any types
    of Weave Cloth
    Linear Ring:PP.Stainless Steel
    Pore: 0.5~1000μm

    Rinse Net
    SUS# 304.316
    Mesh: 20~200
    Aperture: Stainless steel net inside


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