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PF Cartridge – Clear Water Filter Housing

Product Features
Air Atom PF Series cartridges are constructed of durable, spun bond non-woven, reusable polyester fabric which allows for limited re-use. The standard 9-3/4″ element has more than from 9-7/8″ to 30″ four square feet of fabric media while the large diameter (PF-EB) version has more than sixteen square feet. The media has been pleated to maximize its dirt holding capacity and extend the time period between changes. The media’s chemical and bacteria resistance makes these cartridges suitable for most light industrial and well water applications.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Working Conditions

    Maximum Operating Pressure……….80 PSI
    Maximum Operating Temperature…..80°CMaterials
    Fabric: Non-Woven Polyester or Non-Woven Polypropylene.
    End Caps: Vinyl Plastisol.
    Inner Core: Polypropylene.
    Outer Sheath: Polypropylene.

    Available sizes
    2.5″ diameter in lengths of 9-3.4″ , 9-7/8″, 10″ 20″ 30″ and 40″
    Other sizes are available to special order (minimum order quantities apply)


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