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String Wound Cartridge

Product Features

Longer Service Life
Air Atom string wound cartridges offer true depth filtration with high dirt holding capacity and extremely low media migration. The design of the W series cartridges incorporates both a high-density structure and winding pattern to make them ideally suited to water with high sediment loads.

Temperature and Chemical Compatibility
W series cartridges offer a wide selection of winding and core materials so you can select the best combination for your filtration needs. Wind materials include utility grade polypropylene, polyester, natural cotton. Core materials include: polypropylene, 304 and 316 stainless steel.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Greater Solids Holding Capacity

    W series string wound cartridges are manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process to create a superior one-piece filter in a graded density structure, effectively combining multiple filtration densities into a single cartridge. Finer particles are progressively trapped as fluid travels to the center of the filter allowing for much greater retention capacity when compared with conventional filter cartridges of the same dimensions and porosity.
    Wide Choices of Porosities, Diameters and Lengths
    W series string wound cartridges reject particles from as low as 1 micron to 200 micron and are available in standard lengths ranging from 5″ to 40″, other lengths are available on request. We offer a standard nominal 30mm inside diameter and optional inside diameters of 16mm, 28mm, 32mm, 48mm. Our standard outside diameter is 40mm ,60mm, 63.5mm, 65mm, 115mm. With such a wide choice, you can tailor your filtration system to meet your specific needs and budget, whether it be for single pass or recirculation filtration applications.


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