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Water Pressure Gauge

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General purpose heavy duty pressure gauges, for use with oil, water or any other liquid which will not attack brass or bronze, also suitable for air or inert gases if maximum scale reading does not exceed 25 bar. These types of pressure gauges are mainly using in power plant, food industry, refineries and other Industrial Process Applications. It ranges from 1 kg/cm² to 2000 kg/cm²Ranges
15 lb/in² – 20,000 lb/in²
Also 0/30″Hg vacuum
(All gauges normally supplied dual scale lb/in² and bar)

  • Description

    Product Description

    Pressure Connections

    3/8″ BSP up to and including 70 bar 1/2″ BSP above 70 bar. NPT also available.

    Pressure Element
    Phosphor bronze up to and including 70 bar / steel tube for higher ranges.

    Weather Protection
    IP 45 Unions and nipple


    Air Atom pressure gauge
    Diameter 2」, 2.5」, 3」, 4」, 6」
    Pressure Range -30inHg ~ 0 ~ 15000psi
    -76cmHg ~ 0 ~ 1000 kg / cm 2
    Casing & Bezel SUS304 or EPDM Surface, anti-shock PP, PVDF
    Diaphragm SS316, Monel, Tantalum Hastalloy etc.
    Connection 1/8」, 1/4」, 3/8」, 1/2」, PT, NPT, BSPT, PF
    Mounting Direct, Flanged
    Entry Bottom Back
    Pointer Micro Zero or center zero adjustable
    Movement Material SS 304 / Brass
    Bourden Material SS 316 / Brass
    Socket Material SS 316 / Brass
    Filling 99.5% Glycerin or 1000# silicone oil
    Bourdon Tube Brass or Phosphor bronze
    Accuracy +/- 1.0% F.S.D, +/- 1.5% F.S.D
    Temperature Range 20℃ to +60℃
    Over Range Protection 125% of F.S.D
    Upper Chamber SS304, CS, SS316
    Lower Chamber SS316, Hastalloy etc.

    All the ranges are available in PSI, Kpa, MMWC, BAR, etc. as per users preference.


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  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    Pressure Gauge

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