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Water Pressure Switch

We choice the well-renowned international pressure switch supplier Danfoss, their pressure switches are used for regulating, monitoring and alarm systems in industrial applications.This series are suitable for gaseous media and air. They are fitted with a single-pole switch changeover (SPDT), and can control single-phase ac motors of up to 2 kW directly. Wherever monitoring and controlling of temperature and pressure is needed these robust and reliable controls are suitable. They are space saving units for both alternating current and direct current, with a wide regulating range and ultra short bounce time.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Model: KP36

    Danfoss pressure switches are recommended for gaseous media (also water, but only when mounted directly on the pipe – do not use capillary tube mounting).

    Danfoss pressure switches are designed for use as a pump guard to control and protect supply water pumps from running dry.

    Danfoss pressure switches are suitable in installations where a smaller differential pressure is needed. Can be capillary tube mounted.

    Danfoss pressure switches are available with an IP 33 grade of enclosure by mounting the unit on a flat surface.

  • Physical Properties
    Danfoss pressure switch
    Characteristic Value
    Type KP36
    Weight 0.364 Kg
    Ambient temperature [°C] -40 - 65 °C
    Ambient temperature [°F] -40 - 149 °F
    Ammonia application No
    Connection size G 1/2 A
    Connection standard 500B0482
    Connection type Pipe thread
    Contact function SPDT
    Contact rating 120Vac,16FLA,96LRA,3APilotDuty
    Contact rating 16 A resistive, single phase
    Contact rating 240 V ac, 8 FLA, 48 LRA
    Contact rating 240V dc,12W pilot duty(0.05 A)
    Contact rating 8 A resistive, single phase
    Differential [bar] 0,69 bar
    Differential [psi] 10,00 psi
    Enclosure rating IP30
    Max. test pressure [bar] Pe 17,0 bar
    Max. working pressure [bar] Pe 22,0 bar
    MWP [psig] Pe 245,0 psig
    Packing format Multi pack
    Quantity per packing format 36 PC
    Regulation range [bar] Pe 1,00 - 10,50 bar
    Regulation range [psig] Pe 15,00 - 150,00 psi
    Reset function Max
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