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Blue Housing Filter 20″

Rp 125,000.00

Domestic Applications
filtration and treatment of drinking water, protection of taps, boilers, washing machines, and other installations.

Industrial Applications
pre-filtration, micro-filtration; protection of pumps,
heating systems, softeners, demineralising and chlorine-removing appliances, RO units.

  • Description

    Product Description



    Blue filter housing with engineering design for 9-3/4 in. filter cartridges; Made from PP + 20% talc filled and AS, NSF listed and FDA grade materials; Available with 1/2″, 3/4″ FNPT cap.
    Working Conditions
    Max. working pressure……………….8.8 BAR
    Max. working temp……………………50℃

    Model In/Out Threads Filter Height Bowl Color Head Color
    YTCB14 1/4″ NTP 9-7/8″ Transparent Black
    YTCW14 1/4″ NTP 9-7/8″ Transparent White
    YTWB14 1/4″ NTP 9-7/8″ White Black
    YTWW14 1/4″ NTP 9-7/8″ White White
    YTBL14 1/4″ NTP 9-7/8″ Blue Black


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