Water filter tank RO

Model: GS
Water Filter Tank

Stainless Steel Filter Tank

Custom-made is available for special requirements.
ANSI 304 / 316 low carbon, food industrial usage.
Stainless steel tank has both corrosion & acid resistant, Inner wall was special treated which lower the wear degree of filter materiel and increase filter life.


Model Volume Dia x Height (mm)
GS-1252 70L 300 x 1240
GS-1450 100L 355 x 1240
GS-1657 160L 385 x 1450
GS-1673 200L 385 x 1850
GS-2050 200L 515 x 1450
GS-2070 320L 515 x 1750
GS-2570 520L 630 x 1240
GS-2770 635L 690 x 2000
GS-2970 700L 740 x 2000
GS-3470 980L 860 x 2000


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